Cashback FAQ

What is GetPerfectDeal Cashback? And How it works?

Whenever you make a purchase from any store, we earn commission from the store. We share part of this commission with you. That is cashback!

What are Rewards?

  • Rewards are same as cashback, which you earn each time you shop on Amazon/Flipkart.
  • Only Confirmed Rewards can be paid. Pending Rewards cannot be paid till its status has been updated as ‘Confirmed’ by the retailer.
  • Rewards can be paid to you as Gift Vouchers/Gift Cards
  • When you have earned a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Rewards, we can pay you Amazon Gift Cards once you make a request.

How do I request payment of my Cashback?

You can see your earnings when you log into your account. We will pay you periodically by transferring money to your Bank Account.

Steps to Earn Cashback

  • LOGIN: You need to be logged in to your account. If you do not already have an account, then register yourself first.
  • SHOP: Click the link provided to visit your favorite online stores and shop normally.
  • EARN: Sit back and relax while we track your purchase and credit the cashback to you.

Why GetPerfectDeal Cashback so long to confirm?

The reason why GetPerfectDeal Cashback so long time to confirm because we have to wait for store to confirm us the purchase was not returned or exchanged by the customer.Merchants also validate the purchase.Usually it  takes 6-10 weeks to get the purchase confirmation from merchant. Although we try to  reduce this time with merchant always.

Do cashback is not available on some stores?

Yes there are cases where customer will not cashback. It will be applicable on where cashback is clearly mentioned on GetPerfectDeal website.

What happens once cashback is cancelled?

Once your purchase is cancelled from merchant, amount will be removed from your balance.Store holds the decision to cancel or approve the transaction. But is the merchant has made the decision to cancel the transaction GetPerfectDeal cannot do anything in same. And cashback amount will be removed.

What is a difference between pending and available balance?

Pending balance is a amount which customer has earned but cannot be redeemed by the customer till the time store give us the confirmation.Once transaction is confirmed by the store amount will be available for customer to redeem and customer can transfer the same amount to his bank account.

What is a reason for cancellation of my cashback?

Reason for cancellation of cashback could be any of the following-

Some common reasons why cashback is declined are:

  • Order was cancelled by the customer.
  • Order was returned or partially returned by the customer.
  • Order was exchanged or partially exchanged by the customer..
  • Order was changed by the customer.
  • Order was paid for using a gift code or gift voucher by the customer.
  • The order might have been classified as bulk order from a wholesaler or a travel agent etc.

If I do not have claim of purchase how can I put a claim of cashback?

In case you do not have any proof of purchase then you cannot put a claim on GetPerfectDeal to trace the transaction with store.As without proof stores do not entertain.

Should I disable the ad blocker?

Yes you must disable the ad blocker in every condition to make your purchase successful.

What is a expiry of money in my GetPerfectDeal account?

There is no expiry of money in your GetPerfectDeal cashback account.Amount which is available to withdraw can be taken by customer anytime.

What are the minimum withdraw limits?

There are no minimum withdraw limits on cashback. But we prefer that customer should withdraw the amount once it reaches a minimum limit of Rs.250

Can I transfer my balance to another GetPerfectDeal account?

No you cannot transfer amount from one account to another account.

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